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As proposed to add articles, questions, links or other items concerning Dialogue in the first week of the month (because everybody has a full schedule/agenda) I would like to add this link because it has a very large amount of material about dialogue you can look into and maybe you can make usefull in your practice with dialogue.

I also like you all a question. You all know that most facilitators use some agreements or rules to make the participants be able to get into a dialogue stage easier. Which five agreements/rules you think are most important to stimulate a dialogue environment?


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  • Wim says:

    Dear Joop and fellow members of the Dialogue Network,

    The dialogic rules or rather 'guidelines' that we observe at our Center for Self-Reflection (Centrum voor Zelfbezinning, Leusden, Netherlands) are as follows:

    - Accept the individual uniqueness of one another.
    - Do not talk ‘about’, but only from your own experience.
    - Express your own experiences and feelings.
    - Do not ‘help’, give advise or try to convince.
    - Listen attentively to yourself and others.
    - What is shared among group members is not be divulged outside the group.

    I find these rules quite helpful when it comes to putting participants in the right frame of mind. What it all boils down to is MUTUAL RESPECT.

    Best regards,

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