Dialogue in the classroom

Posted by Kees / on 11/30/2009 / 0 Comments

Hi Joop,

I don't see how to answer an email blast, so I'll put my text in here. Hopefully you 'll find it or it will find you. There is an interesting book by Jack Zimmermann and Virginia Coyle, called 'The Way of Council' You may know it. It's all about Dialogue in the Classroom. The story abou 'Joe', visiting the Wisdom Council with his grandfather is from that book.

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a speech therapist who is working in a school for children with hearing disabilities. She told me about her experiences, and how the difficulties in the classroom, and the difficulties among the teachers and staff, and the difficulties between the school and the educational authorities are all related. 

My interest in 'Dialogue at School' is not just in applying dialogue in the classroom (which is a great thing in itself), but also in how dialogue can be helpful in dealing with all the complexities in an and around the schoolsystem.

I wonder if there are any other dialogue facilitators on this site, that are interested in this topic. Please let me know.

Kees Voorberg





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