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What do you personally do with Dialogue?

I just sent this blast:



Maybe, to activate the interaction between members of dialoque network, everybody just can tell the others what they do with dialogue. How do you use it? What are your experiances?


I will start this topic in the group discussions.


thanks again for joining and especialy for responding.


ps Dutch writers can, (if they like) respond in Dutch. I will translate for them.


warm dialogue greetings Joop

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For now I do several things with dialogue. Main thing is the scientific research I do with a psychologist about whether dialogue can help build up  the feeling of self esteem of children with small mental disabilities' within a secured health care centre. We hope to prove that, by using dialogue the teenagers will use there higher brain function more often and longer so the can process  the social information in a more effective manner and therefore they will get a greater sense of self esteem. End effect is that then they will cooperate with those who are treating them, and have a voice within there treatment.

Next to that I give workshops, presentations and lectures about dialogue at schools, a social academy and contracted by organizations, profit and non-profit.

I am writing a book, the magic dialogue, witch gives a simple insight in the power, possibilities and difficulties with the use of dialogue. Essence of the book will be that for dialogue you need to thinks differently than your are used to. That means that for sustainable dialogue you have to work, repeat and believe in the advantage of dialogue.

I try to build up as many as possible networks, blogs, twitter and forums to use the www to promote the use of dialogue.

Hello Joop! and everyone!!

Thank you for continuing this opportunity for discussion on our favorite topic of dialogue.

There is a lot to my personal story... I came to my interest in dialogue through my father and this interaction brought me my career in technology and now to further my father's research in dialogue.

Today, I am a member of two dialogue organizations: NCDD.org and IAP2.org -- both have experience in the international dialogue community.

Currently, I am working as an appointed Deputy Citizen Councilor Coordinator for the Countywide Community Forums project in King County, Washington State (encompassing the greater Seattle area). Our website is: www.CommunityForums.org and I am working to bring my fathers research and model his theories on reasons to improve face-to-face dialogue among people whenever and where ever possible.

We extend the regional government's traditional "public meeting process" and break it down -- distribute it broadly into the community -- in small-group face-to-face meetings, and then run a common Opinionnaire® survey against all groups and create a report of an overall "virtual" group. We can express degrees of consensus in our reports and this helps us to show convergence or divergence among groups in dialogue together. 

I can give more details later if people have any other questions... thanks for listening!



Dialogue is a big part of my life and passions...particularly virtual dialogue. As I've shared the Global Dialogue Center http://www.globaldialoguecenter.com includes an ONLINE Conference Center, which creates opportunities for conversation. Next week, I am hosting two events...

Futurist Joel Barker  is joining me. You can learn more here...and YOU'RE INVITED ... join us by registering: No fees. http://tinyurl.com/JUNE16Dialogue
We have 150+ people registered from about 8 or 9 countries.

The second dialogue is one I am partnering with the Greater IBM Connection, a business networking group for past and present IBM employees world wide. We are talking about LEADERSHIP and DIVERSITY in a CHANGING ECONOMY. This one has over 350 people registered so far from 15 countries or so...including all the regions of the world. This is the 4th or 5th ONLINE DIALOGUE I have produced and hosted with this group (I had a rewarding leadership career with IBM in my first career).


Connecting...and watching the interest and willingness of individuals to stay up late and get up early to "BE THERE" is moving to me. It is a sign that DIALOGUE is the first major ACTION step toward positive changing and collaborating across the world.

"In true dialogue, both sides are willing to change."  Thich Nhat Hanh, monk, poet, activist for peace. (nominated by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967.

My offer for a group conversation at GDC sometime this fall remains a possibility.



I work as a consultant in government and corporations.  I teach managers how to create an environment in which dialogue can flourish. My workshops address the issues from both the Manager and the subordinate perspective. For managers we help them design formats that will encourage both peer to peer and subordinate dialogue.  We work with subordinates  to  willingly and openly offer their ideas, concerns, and challenges – and as willing accept responsibility for moving their unit forward- where they are willing and able to tell truth to power.  I'd be glad to share the outline of the three day workshop.  I have written two books on dialogue. Theoretically, I am based in the work of Chris Argyris,  Bohm and Peter Block.



I just now saw the entirely of John's and Joop's reply. I noticed for one thing that John is in my area (I'm in the northwest U.S., out on Orcas Island) and that I'm teaching a couple of Insight Dialogue retreats in this area soon (and for the first time--I usually teach following significant jet lag). And the psychological aspect of your work, Joop, sounds promising. I would suspect that the capacity of the offerors of this work to be deeply present, no matter what arises, will be a key to the young ones feeling met. It sounds like they have been seriously marginlized for their behaviors.

warmth to all.



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