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More effort or delete?

I just sent this blast:


Dear dialogue friends Smile,

It seems that, either nobody has anything to ask or share, or this way of trying to connect people with the same interest (dialogue) is not working properly.

No sweat, I will find a other way to make things work.

Or maybe you all like to continue this network and will be participating in the future.                      Please let me know what your intentions are so I can take the right action, putting in more effort or delete the network and find an other way that is more suitable.

You can also mail me if you find the network is not working good enough or when you don’t know how to use it.

Hope to hear from you all, best greetings Joop

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Hi Joop,


Thank you for bringing it up.

I don't know how to make things like this work. I would like to learn ,though. I think the difficulty is partly about me, being sort of a digibete and it is partly a more general problem. It is still new and we are all finding out, how it could really work. Maybe the topic is too broad to be challenging. If that is the case, how could we focus more?

Last week I worked with a large group of civil servants on the issue of what it takes 'to make sustainable decisions'. One of the participants said "sustainability requires kinship". Coiuld it be that kinship is an important condition for a flowering dialogue group on the internet as well? If so: How could we foster kinshiop online?

Looking forward to hear from 'all my relations'.


Joop, I don't know you but appreciate your invitation here. I spend nearly all my days and nights, when not engaged with family and life's sub-structures, considering the our relational nature as humans and teaching dialogic meditation practice, Insight Dialogue. A lot of the in-between work for this is with online community and the contemplations that hold them together. And then there is travel.

This little list is not to say I am busy; we all are and we all make the space we need to for things that are at the top of our spacious agendas. It is more to say that, as Kees says, perhaps it is a matter of community. Perhaps of compelling focus, maybe particularity. Somehow, one wants to touch what is most alive. One wants to be awake,  beyond the blah blah of so much of our lives. What does that mean here.

With regard for your fine intentions.


Dear Joop,

My only excuse is being out in the world creating dialogue. Embarassed The last few months I've just been working to capacity. This doesn't however lessen my keen interest in dialogue or the possibilities of a group like this. I offer one idea and one sharing to show my good faith...

1. IDEA: Perhaps, we could plan an online gathering of our members at our Global Dialogue Center ONLINE Conference Center for a virtual meet-up and explore the questions from Gregory and Kees..."What does mean here?" "How could we foster kinship?" Perhaps we could plan it for early August or September? I am traveling before and off on holiday. This would give us an informal way to create a premise person-to-person for this great idea and opportunity you've created. http://www.globaldialoguecenter.com/conferencecenter

2. SHARING: We just did a dialogue on CONNECTING related to social media. There is a recording here: http://www.puttingourdifferencestowork.com/dialogues-library.html

3. INVITATION ONLINE DIALOGUE: JUNE 16 Innovating in Hard Times
Futurist Joel Barker is joining me again to take this discussion to a new level.
No fees; but registration is required to get the login/audio information. With a PC you can attend from anywhere in the world with a USB headset like you you use for SKYPE. http://tinyurl.com/JUNE16Dialogue

This is the HIGHLIGHTS page from our first one:

Thank you for your very good intentions...


Dear Joop,

Thanks for your clear Question. As it comes te me personally, I notice that I am interested in contributions of others, to see whats going on, but that I do not really engage in contributing myself. Reason is, that I focus on my practical work with dialogue, in which I engage in the dialogue with the people I have this practical, real life day to day connection with. This asks for my focus, time and energy and that has priority for me. Dialogueing virtually seems to not mobilize my energy, because it lacks the clear intention and need. So for me, I would need a practical project to work on together, in which we can really meet, then I'll be there.

By the way, replying to your question I read the contributions of Kees, Gregory and Debbe, and notice that these personal reactions do realy interest me. Somehow I feel like meeting you and the others in this diskussion for the first time really. In the clear intention to explore a question: what makes our network (not) work. So I am with debby, that meeting around that and maybe other questions in a online gathering would be a good possibility. 


Thanks for your initiative, and I hope we meet on common dialogical ground in the future.



Edited Tue, Jun 2, 2009 8:35 PM

Hi Joop,


I know I haven't been active in the discussions. That's not because of lack of interest. My reasons have been many. The most important one is self scunity. Most of the time that I think of writing a blog, I put the idea aside because I doubt whether the content is of interest to others. I am working on this self-imposed block.

I understand your hesitation to continue with this network. Still, I suggest you keep it in the air (do not delete it) because it can with time prove valuable.

I will write once before going on holidays on June 13.  



Ha Joop,

Ik doe het gewoon in mijn moerstaal.....Ik kan voor mezelf twee redenen aangeven waarom ik niet mee ben gaan doen:

m'n enthousiasme voor de dialoog is buitengewoon groot, en dit enthousiasme - ook voor andere initiatieven - staat niet in verhouding tot wat ik aankan.

De dialoog moet je gewoon doen! Dus gewoon live! Ik denk dat een digitale dialoog minder effectief is. Ik wil graag de non-verbale dingen erbij hebben, de "echtheid" dus. Daarvoor is een dialoog-café dus heel geschikt.




Beste Joop,

Dank voor jouw oproep op dit Dialoog-netwerk. Ik moet eerlijk bekennen dat ik er inderdaad tot op heden geen  bijdrage toe heb geleverd, terwijl ik, dat mag je van mij aannemen, ik mij zeer verbonden voel met de dialoog, vandaar ook de Dialoog Café bijeenkomsten, die wij organiseren.

Mijn ervaring met digitale netwerken is dat weinig mensen op oproepen commentaren schrijven en dus weinig interactie gebeurt. Dat neemt niet weg dat ik wel geloof in de verbindende kracht van dit middel, m.a.w. ik kijk wel naar de oproepen en af en toe voel ik mij geroepen om er iets mee te doen, niet zo vaak, maar het gebeurt wel. En dan blijkt later ook dat het zinvol was. M.a.w.: niet opgeven en geef het de tijd!

Met hartelijke groet,


Hi Debbe,

Hi all,

Thank you for all the useful links, that you sent us. That is already a way of fostering kinship, as I am getting to know you a bit better through you activities. Unfortunately my websites are only in dutch so far, so that won't help you a lot. Maybe I can work on some english translations during the summer, as a way of making myself more visible in this network.

I love your idea of an online conference for our netwwork somewhere in august or september. I'll be back from my holidays after august 17.

Many blessings,



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