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First week of april

I just sent this blast:

You are invited to share or ask about dialogue every first week of the month. Please feel free to react on the contributions of the other members. Thanks for sharing, Joop

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Hello to everyone...

This week, I was blessed to personally experience a quite amazing dialogue. I say this because it was the largest virtual, interactive dialogue I have personally managed, produced, and where I also served as host. It was held at our new Global Dialogue Center ONLINE CONFERENCE CENTER (www.globaldialoguecenter.com/conferencecenter). Futurist and filmmaker, Joel Barker joined me to host a timely conversation on INNOVATING in HARD TIMES.

The whole experience including production, promotion, and the dialogue itself was proof that when we put our differences and resources to work we can do things that we can't do as individuals. Using all our own existing resources, inviting in partners to to share, we were able to expand out reach and inspire a new level of dialogue we could do without one another's help.

What happened was moving in many respects...a few "worldly" measures are the numbers. They hardly hold the story, but I share them to give you a glimpse inside the window.

643 registered from 20 countries and at least one from all 50 states in the US.
425+ showed up either logging in or phoning in
150+ was the number that were still there 40 minutes AFTER the dialogue had concluded, just hanging out for our planned "virtual break" for informal conversation;
people love being to together...
22 is the number of pages of "reflections" we received about the value of the experience.

We opened the way for new thinking about innovation and our differences together. My favorite reflections were "it felt like we were a small group." and "thank you for breaking down the borders to our countries so we could learn from one another."


Hello Debbe,
What a amazing story. You know I registered but could not find the time to participate, sorry. My compliments for such a great way of organizing such a huge event. It must indeed be a great satisfaction to see that it works and I can imagine that all the feedback of the people involved is very encouraging. can you tell me something about the outcome of the online dialogue? I am very curious an maybe you can look at my question addressed in my note. Thanks again for be such a faithful member. warm greetings Joop

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