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  • Dialogue in the classroom

    Posted by Kees / on 11/30/2009 / 0 Comments

    Hi Joop,

    I don't see how to answer an email blast, so I'll put my text in here. Hopefully you 'll find it or it will find you. There is an interesting book by Jack Zimmermann and Virginia Coyle, called 'The Way of Council' You may know it. It's all about Dialogue in the Classroom. The story abou 'Joe', visiting the Wisdom Council with his grandfather is from that book.

    Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a speech therapist who is working in a school for children with hearing disabilities. She told me about her experiences, and how the difficulties ..

  • Dialogue Quotes

    Posted by Joop / on 04/07/2009 / 1 Comment

    (Authors in alphabetical order)

    "Dialogue among civilizations is one of the motors of progress; it allows for the dissemination of innovations produced within each of them. It is the vector of the perfectibility of human kind as a whole, of the never-ending task of humanizing humanity."
    Abdelaziz Bouteflika, President of Algeria

    "The world desperately needs new approaches to peace building, and sports may be a vehicle to urge peace and development that can have an impact on the everyday existence of people. Sports are not just games. They are instead instruments that can play important roles in forging peace and understanding. ..

  • My add/question of the first week of the month of april- Joop

    Posted by Joop / on 04/04/2009 / 1 Comment


    As proposed to add articles, questions, links or other items concerning Dialogue in the first week of the month (because everybody has a full schedule/agenda) I would like to add this link because it has a very large amount of material about dialogue you can look into and maybe you can make usefull in your practice with dialogue.

    I also like you all a question. You all know that most facilitators use some agreements or rules to make the participants be able to get into a dialogue stage easier. Which five agreements/rules you think are most important to ..

  • Do you have a DIALOGUE story to share?

    Posted by Debbe / on 03/22/2009 / 0 Comments

    Hi Joop and others,

    Thanks for sharing my first message from the other site and for inviting us here to the Dialogue Network.

    One idea that I've been thinking about is learning from each others experiences of dialogue.

    Do you have a DIALOGUE story or experience that ignited your interest?

    My favorite story --- a kind of turning point for me --- came from a first-ever online event called the Habitat Jam. It involved 39,000 people online for 72 hours. It broke down all the barriers and was sponsored by an uncommon trio: Government of Canada, UN Habitat Program, and IBM. ..


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